Groove Songs

Groove Songs is a song publishing company currently planning to execute a series of small, single-song, publishing deals with promising writers and emerging acts who write their own songs. The Groove Songs strategy is to handpick single songs from a wide multitudes of writers, artists and bands. We are out to purchase full rights to single songs that we love, and write a check for that privilege. The company is shying away from signing artists to all encompassing deals for multiple songs per writer/artist/band, although that would not be out of the question in the right situation.

A majority of the material that Groove Songs has interest in, has not been found through any sort of submission process, but through a digging process of scouring the Internet-at-large, manually, one song at a time.

However, Groove Songs happily accepts unsolicited submissions via e-mail. One never knows what might happen!

It is preferred that submitters send us a link to an existing website, such as YouTube, MySpace, Soundcloud, etc. where songs can be heard. If that is not an option and your material is not online, you may send songs, ONE SONG AT A TIME PER E-MAIL

Send individual songs, one at a time, with names of writers and contact info to:

If we hear something that is of interest to the company, we will contact you. Otherwise, you will not receive any reply. Please do not ask for a critique. We won't give one.

Groove Songs goal is to get the opportunity to work hard toward your success if we love at least one of your songs that we think has "it". What is "it"? "It" defies description. "It" is elusive. We know it when we hear it.

If Groove Songs reaches out and strikes a deal with you or your band, Groove Songs will work to have the best resources "plug" your song(s) into film & tv soundtracks and help take you the song, and you, to another level. For song writers who are not attempting to break as artists themselves with with their songs, we have strategies for gaining access to well established and emerging recording artists who may consider your song for use in their own projects.

That's about it for now. Thank you for your time and great music!